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Robot Japan Gallery Go!
The Robot Japan fan site today hosted an exhibit of the vintage Japanese robot toys owned by the site’s management. The “Robot Japan Art more
Tanuki are Real!?
As written by New York Magazine, “But, as the internet is finding out today, tanuki are real, and they’re spectacularly cute.” Wait a minute! more
Another Reason I Love Anime!
I absolutely love the way anime occasionally depicts realistic details that any other film would have overlooked or deliberately excluded. In the more
This is Definitely a New Trend
Yellow highlights in blue pupils, this time around? read more
A Winner is This
For so many reasons the first episode of Ojisan to Marshmallow may have already won the season. It’s only three-and-a-half minutes long. Just watch it, more
More Rainbows
There it is again! How can someone possibly have violet pupils with aqua highlights? read more
Examining Aquarion Evol volume 4
Creator Shouji Kawamori’s Aquarion franchise has always tread a thin line between robot anime and romantic fantasy. One Peace Books’ release more
Going Overboard?
“A rainbow in your eyes” isn’t supposed to be literal. read more
Ask John: What Were 2015’s Best Broadcast Anime?
By my personal rough count, 2015 premiered 217 new television & web broadcast anime. My list excludes new seasons that continued the name and more
The Shield Hero Manga Rises
The critique, “The book was better” is cliche because it’s typically true. While novels lack visual motion and color, and lack a more
Sailor Ranma Strikes
I love collecting anime esoterica, especially American historical items, so I was a bit giddy to discover this forgotten American doujinshi while browsing more
Marvel Going Berserk?
Artist Daniel Acuña appears to be tipping his hat to Kentaro Miura with his cover illustration for the January 2016 issue of Marvel’s Captain more
Kaiju or Just Plain Monster?
Now that I finally examine it closely I understand what unsettles me about the Godzilla design depicted by the Shin Godzilla teaser poster. Unless the more
Visiting Tokyo
T-minus three months and counting. Probably. read more
November Powered Geek Box Review
Why wait for Christmas gifts next month when a gift box of geeky goods can arrive every month? The nifty Powered Geek Box starts at a mere $16.95 more
Examining Aquarion Evol Volume 3
Shouji Kawamori’s Sousei no Aquarion franchise has always been typified by its odd hybrid of enigma and humor. The Aquarion Evol manga adaptation’ more
Ask John: How Often Are Western Songs Used in...
Question: I don’t know if you was watching the latest series JoJo Bizarre Adventures Stardust Crusaders and to my surprise they use The Bangles ‘ more
The Ninja Scroll That Never Was
In 2008 Warner Brothers and Appian Way acquired the rights to produce an American film adaptation of Madhouse’s 1993 anime film Jubei Ninpucho, more
Suffering Shield Hero?
I’ve encountered a few references to “grammatical errors” in the published Shield Hero novels. If anyone can point out specific examples, more
Appreciating Luminous Glamour
I’m thrilled that I just acquired another Dirty Pair doujinshi for my collection, “Luminous Glamour” a 1994 book from circle Koshin more

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12 weeks 1 day ago

Thtat's cool. What about a reliable method to import data? Like, importing animelist from a file?

16 weeks 1 day ago

Managed to build a reliable method to export data today, and successfully migrated all current users to a new framework

17 weeks 6 days ago

Will use this as a progress report on the new build

17 weeks 6 days ago

The summer... is gone

21 weeks 10 hours ago

The summer... I can feel it.... near

39 weeks 6 days ago

back up and ready

1 year 1 week ago

Both sites might go down during the week when stuff is recompiled but should not take long

1 year 1 week ago

Okay forums back up,integration with primary site working

1 year 1 week ago

If you find any missing images, please let me know

1 year 1 week ago

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