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What Anime Means To Me: Warriors of the Wind
Renting a VHS copy of New World Pictures’ Warriors of the Wind from Euwing Video on 9th Avenue and watching it twice before returning it the next day. read more
What Anime Means To Me: Cream Lemon T-Shirt
Being 16-years-old and too embarrassed to purchase a Cream Lemon “Escalation” t-shirt from (I think it was) Pony Toy Go Round. read more
Introducing Bloody Angel
After nearly 21 years in development and three years of writing, I’m now finally satisfied to consider my first original light novel, Bloody Angel, more
What Anime Means To Me: The Paper
Back in 2001, the creativity expressed via the animation and direction depicting the casual ease with which Yomiko Readman uses her power during her more
What Anime Means To Me: Creators’ Approval
In 2004 while I was sitting in a hotel room with Hideyuki Kurata & Koji Masunari, they asked me what anime I was presently following. They nodded more
What Anime Means To Me: Late Night Grocery Store...
At least once I had to catch a ride to a grocery store at 9 or 10pm to purchase blank VHS tapes because someone had come by to visit for the evening more
What Anime Means To Me: The Miami Guns Licensing...
After I announced AN Entertainment’s acquisition of Miami Guns at the 2002 Anime Expo convention, Bandai Entertainment manager Jerry Chu approached me more
What Anime Means To Me: Cycling to Kotobuki
Once I rode my bicycle 64 miles round-trip from South St. Petersburg to South Tampa in order to rent anime VHS tapes from the Kotobuki Oriental Market. read more
What Anime Means To Me: Kyoko Poster
All these years later, still being regretful that I never got around to buying this Maison Ikkoku wall poster when I had the chance: read more
On Novel Writing XIV
Is “dourer” actually a word?, Merriam-Webster, Free Dictionary, and all redirect “dourer” to “ more
What Anime Means To Me: A Taxi to Narita
On the last day of my first AnimeNation-sponsored purchasing trip to Tokyo, I was so exhausted, and my bags filled with production cels were so heavy, that more
Last Kind Whispered Words
The concluding three books of Takashi Ikeda’s high school lesbian romance drama Whispered Words come together in One Peace Books’ hefty more
What Anime Means To Me: Nikkaku Animart
Sending my first mail-order purchase to the San Jose-based Japanese gift shop Nikkaku Animart on April 2, 1989. The order was for 2 Dirty Pair shitajiki, more
What Anime Means To Me: Pseudonyms
Countless hours debating with friends over whether or not Kia Asamiya and Michitaka Kikuchi were the same person. (For the record, they are.) read more
On Novel Writing XIII
I’m starting to see the end of my theoretically final revision of Bloody Angel. I’ve been slowly re-reading and fleshing out the manuscript lately. I’m more
What Anime Means To Me: The Art of Angel’s Egg
I’m pretty certain that I was at an Anime Weekend Atlanta convention in the early 2000s when I convinced a dealer to drop the sales tax and sell me his copy more
What Anime Means To Me: LT & Kyojin no Hoshi
On an AnimeNation sponsored purchasing trip to Tokyo, I was sitting on a train beside LT, one of AnimeNation’s Japanese business associates and my more
What Anime Means To Me: WTF Anime
I haven’t watched either Ryukonohara Labyrinth or Genji in 20 years. Do they still not make any sense? read more
What Anime Means To Me: Wandering Kid
Before Central Park Media made the bold step of localizing “Urotsukidoji” with its Japanese title intact, my friends and I had known of it for years as “ more
What Anime Means To Me: Dragon Ball Isn’t Just...
Watching an untranslated Son Goku vs. Tao Pai Pai episode in the early 1990s – it might have been episode 63 – made me reevaluate my more

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*waves* adding to and updating the database a bit today :)

11 weeks 4 days ago

Vastra not working on the development?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? that means you can leave the apartment for a change X'P jks

14 weeks 6 days ago

A surprise? Boy oh boy, I sure hope It's a cheezeburger))

17 weeks 2 days ago

Hey guys, I have some bad news and some good news. I'll be moving nyaanime to a new host in the next couple of months so expect some major speed upgrades. Bad news, I've put all of nyaanime's current development on hold, i have a bit of a surprise there in the next couple of months :)

17 weeks 6 days ago

Hey Vastra- can you make a feature of honorary titles to users? Such as mine being like "*Veteran Freeloader* Ray" ? That would be awesome ;D

21 weeks 5 days ago

Fresh blood has arrived! *khmm* I mean... welcome to nyaanime!

21 weeks 5 days ago

doo be doo be doo

24 weeks 4 days ago

Is that how most high-activity forum statistics are calculated? :O Didn't know that. I thought that it just uses some base ratio of posts vs time.

28 weeks 5 days ago

Haha, it's quite broken because it tries to use the overall forum statistics for the calculations which are quite low by default ;/

28 weeks 5 days ago

My weekly forum activity - 1280% - How does that work? ;DD

28 weeks 5 days ago

Welcome to Nyaanime!

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