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Exploring Raqiya Volume 4
The penultimate volume of Masao Yajima & Boichi’s epic anarchic fantasy Raqiya: The New Book of Revelation revolves around violent conflict on more
Return to Raqiya
The first two volumes of author Masao Yajima & illustrator Boichi’s five-volume manga series Raqiya are brooding, enigmatic suspense more
New Acquisition
Stopped by the local Anime Fix store in St. Petersburg yesterday and spotted this production cel with genga of Hibari Hanakoganei from Akihabara Dennou more
Ninja Slay Me
Don’t know what the hell studio Trigger is trying to do with the Ninja Slayer anime. The trailer suggests that the studio is trying to adapt the novels as more
Obscure Object of Uncertain Desire
In 1998 Shinagawa, Tokyo-based real estate company Cesar Corporation decided to contract Toei Animation to create an OVA starring Cesar Corporation’ more
Farewell to 2000
I’ve finally decided to discard the remainder of my VHS fansub collection. I’m pretty certain that everything I still have is now available more
Things You Learn from Watching Anime
What is This, Please?
Can any kind soul please tell me the title and/or author of this book? Any supplemental information about it would be appreciated as well. It’s more
Ask John: How Does One License Anime?
Question: I was wondering how does one license anime titles? Answer: The American anime distribution industry is notorious for keeping its corporate more
Ask John: Why Does Extreme Hentai Exist?
Question: In response to last week’s response, who on earth is the target audience for these disgusting hentais which feature gratuitous rape, more
Ask John: What’s the Most Disgusting Hentai Anime...
Question: What’s the freakiest, nastiest, most disguising hentai of all time? Answer: I haven’t watched every adult anime ever produced, but more
Cheers for Kamen
One of the highlights of the first ten issues of Gen Manga, published from June 2011 through April 2012, was author Mihara Gunya’s epic fantasy more
From One Close Shave to Another
Not to be outdone, another friend cleaned out his room and gave me this. read more
Nadia Genga
Here’s a look at the selection of Secret of Blue Water production sketches that my local friend Chris M. donated to me. read more
Budweiser Meets Anime
Thumbs up to the dude wearing a Paaman t-shirt in the current Budweiser “Round Up Your #HolidayBuds” TV commercial. read more
New Production Cels
I mentioned that a long-time friend donated a chunk of his collection to me. Here’s a look at the production cels he passed along to me. All of more
Swang Song to my Spares Update
I mentioned a little while ago that I sold nearly all of the duplicates from my collection to another collector/dealer. The entire lot of DVDs, books, more
Christmas Arrives Early
A local friend and member of my anime fan club that folded ten years ago surprised me this week when he donated a chunk of his collection to me. He more
Swang Song to my Spares
I’ve been swamped this month; unusually busy, so my apologies for the lack of updates. Unexpectedly, a friend offered me nearly $4,000 for more
Sword Gai TV Anime Announced
Shogakuan has revealed word that Flash anime studio DLE is developing an anime TV series based on writer Toshiki Inoue & illustrator Osamu Kine’ more

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Vastra not working on the development?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? that means you can leave the apartment for a change X'P jks

1 week 7 hours ago

A surprise? Boy oh boy, I sure hope It's a cheezeburger))

3 weeks 3 days ago

Hey guys, I have some bad news and some good news. I'll be moving nyaanime to a new host in the next couple of months so expect some major speed upgrades. Bad news, I've put all of nyaanime's current development on hold, i have a bit of a surprise there in the next couple of months :)

4 weeks 2 hours ago

Hey Vastra- can you make a feature of honorary titles to users? Such as mine being like "*Veteran Freeloader* Ray" ? That would be awesome ;D

7 weeks 6 days ago

Fresh blood has arrived! *khmm* I mean... welcome to nyaanime!

7 weeks 6 days ago

doo be doo be doo

10 weeks 5 days ago

Is that how most high-activity forum statistics are calculated? :O Didn't know that. I thought that it just uses some base ratio of posts vs time.

14 weeks 6 days ago

Haha, it's quite broken because it tries to use the overall forum statistics for the calculations which are quite low by default ;/

14 weeks 6 days ago

My weekly forum activity - 1280% - How does that work? ;DD

14 weeks 6 days ago

Oh ho, Vastra 2.0- guess I better gear up for a hurricane ;D Glad to hear you're back on the track ^ ^

14 weeks 6 days ago

Welcome to Nyaanime!

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Should I deploy the nyantek phases to nyaanime as I complete them or wait untill phase 2 and 4 respectively?: