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What Anime Means To Me: WTF Anime
I haven’t watched either Ryukonohara Labyrinth or Genji in 20 years. Do they still not make any sense? read more
What Anime Means To Me: Wandering Kid
Before Central Park Media made the bold step of localizing “Urotsukidoji” with its Japanese title intact, my friends and I had known of it for years as “ more
What Anime Means To Me: Dragon Ball Isn’t Just...
Watching an untranslated Son Goku vs. Tao Pai Pai episode in the early 1990s – it might have been episode 63 – made me reevaluate my more
What Anime Means To Me: Conventions
What Anime Means To Me: Battle of the Planets
It was “Battle of the Planets” when I first watched it, not “G-Force,” or “Eagle Riders.” I didn’t have a chance to see “Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman” more
What Anime Means To Me: Drill Hands
This Chojin Sentai Barattack handkerchief was the first piece of anime merchandise I ever owned. My Malaysian aunt gave it to me when I was around more
What Anime Means To Me: SPT Layzner Tapes
At the 1988 Necronomicon fantasy convention, I was awed by a dealer who had $15 home-made VHS tapes of untranslated Japanese anime. The table was just more
What Anime Means To Me: The Art of Dirty Pair
I think that it may have been at an early Anime Weekend Atlanta convention where I haggled with a dealer to agree on $200 for a set of the two Art of more
What Anime Means To Me: Learning Director Names
On the evening of March 19, 1994, Dave E. showed me the “Double X” music video. The short clip was my first exposure to the music of X Japan. Dave more
What Anime Means To Me: Video Dropouts in St....
In the early 90s a friend loaned me his VHS recordings of the early episodes of the St. Seiya TV series. The tapes were recorded in EP (six-hour mode), more
What Anime Means To Me: Golden Era Character...
In my mind, Tokusou Kihei Dorvack has always been the defining epitome of Golden Era anime character design. read more
What Anime Means To Me: Riding Bean on VHS
I had to get a ride across two cities to reach a comic book store that sold me AnimEigo’s subtitled VHS tape of Riding Bean for $34.99. read more
What Anime Means To Me: Megazone St. Pete
Co-founding a county-wide anime fan club that met monthly for over ten years. read more
What Anime Means To Me: Eavesdropping on Crusher...
At a Necronomicon fantasy convention in the late 1990s or very early 2000s I thought I was very lucky because one of the guys in the movie room watching more
Monty Oum Has Passed Away
33-year-old CG animator Monty Oum, creator of the RWBY web-animation series, passed away yesterday afternoon at 4:34 PM. Ten days ago Monty suffered a more
Good Lord! They’re Tiny!
Since I collect (original) Dirty Pair memorabilia, I felt obligated to purchase these. SRP on these things is $3.99 each!? read more
Thoughts on Whispered Words volume 2
One Peace Books’ second omnibus collection of creator Takashi Ikeda’s Whispered Words contains the middle three books of the nine-volume story. more
Asking Fans to Cover the Cost of Publishing...
Digital Manga just launched its new Kickstarter campaign seeking 29K to translate & publish the two-volume Tezuka manga mini-series Alabaster. I have more
Under the Dog Gets Unleashed
Creative Intelligence Arts (CIA) CEO and founder Hiroaki Yura has announced that his company is recusing itself from involvement in the production of more
Ask John: Which Anime Heavily Reference Shinto...
Question: What are some anime that seriously delve into Japanese Shinto mythology? Answer: For modern Japanese citizens, Shinto is more tradition and more

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*waves* adding to and updating the database a bit today :)

8 weeks 1 day ago

Vastra not working on the development?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? that means you can leave the apartment for a change X'P jks

11 weeks 3 days ago

A surprise? Boy oh boy, I sure hope It's a cheezeburger))

14 weeks 2 hours ago

Hey guys, I have some bad news and some good news. I'll be moving nyaanime to a new host in the next couple of months so expect some major speed upgrades. Bad news, I've put all of nyaanime's current development on hold, i have a bit of a surprise there in the next couple of months :)

14 weeks 3 days ago

Hey Vastra- can you make a feature of honorary titles to users? Such as mine being like "*Veteran Freeloader* Ray" ? That would be awesome ;D

18 weeks 2 days ago

Fresh blood has arrived! *khmm* I mean... welcome to nyaanime!

18 weeks 2 days ago

doo be doo be doo

21 weeks 1 day ago

Is that how most high-activity forum statistics are calculated? :O Didn't know that. I thought that it just uses some base ratio of posts vs time.

25 weeks 2 days ago

Haha, it's quite broken because it tries to use the overall forum statistics for the calculations which are quite low by default ;/

25 weeks 2 days ago

My weekly forum activity - 1280% - How does that work? ;DD

25 weeks 2 days ago

Welcome to Nyaanime!

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